Monday, March 9, 2015

Artist Post: Hope Little

Hope currently resides in Montreal and is working for Spafax as a freelance visual designer. She was in the graphic design program at Vancouver Visual College of Art & Design. She was offered a Junior design position at SapientNitro, an advertising company, which gave her lots of experience. She does work ranging from illustration to branding projects. Hope has worked for companies/brands such as Dejardins Insurance to Burton's snowboarding company. Each of her pieces has a feminine essence to it with delicate, hand-drawn lines and simple and yet very effective color.

The piece above perfectly describes Hope's artwork style. Flowery, feminine and yet precise and time consuming. She put's so much detail into these pieces it shows her skillful hand and her ability to take her illustrator skills and take it off the screen. This floral series of Hopes utilizes the shapes and patterns found within the flower and in nature in general and gives this idea of a jungle of flowers. The darker outline of the numbers gives you this idea of depth  which helps the detail in the bigger flowers more present. 

Here you get a more whimsical side of Hope and her artwork with the sad mountain tops with what looks like melting snow and cold air coming out of his mouth. Here you can see her freehand and I personally like the non-perfect lines because it gives the image an overall anime look. I think that her hand drawn work could be a little more witty with more faces or other figures other than the mountains. Although her work is meant to look laid back and relaxed almost like doodles, I feel like it would look better if the mouth of the mountain was at least open so that the puff of air would fit a little better in the image. 

The image above is from a vector illustration series named Tranimals. She began this series in 2012 as a way of delving into the different illustrative styles all by using geometric shapes. She captures the intimidating scrunch of the Tiger's face while still giving this cool geometric, boxy shape with the different shades of colors in the shapes. 

She created Sale and promo code banners for a women's used clothing store called Closet Collabos. Overall Hope's artwork shows her incredibly free spirit and her girly personality. Her work gives off this vibe that she is dedicated to her work and is about having fun and yet very into her detail and being specific.